ECM in the Cloud – The Migration

ECM in the Cloud – The Migration

A. ChenkinJul 3,2015
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Experienced Technology Professionals have an acronym for moving content from one system to another called “GIGO” (translation: Garbage In, Garbage Out). When we rush into a cloud implementation, with clear goals of monetary savings, faster time to production/delivery, and increased efficiencies, we need to remember that what we move to the cloud is as important

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The Dark Side of the Cloud

A. ChenkinFeb 24,2015
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The Cloud juggernaut continues to grow (along with invitations to Webinars, Cloud conferences, meetings, and more) as more companies and government agencies see the clear benefits of outsourcing their Data centers and computing operations. I am a clear proponent of the cloud, and more importantly, a proponent of sound practices when migrating to a Cloud-based

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