Donald Trump - President of the US

Donald Trump is now PresDONALD-TRUMPident of the United States os America.  (But we know that already).
He has reneged on campaign promises, supported Nazi’s, made fun of people’s appearance, hired an army of border guards (for the mexico border), lied about russian collusion, attacked the FBI, and fired anyone who he feels may be disloyal to him.  He has also set healthcare and EPA regulations back decades, denied global warming and climate change, failed to do more for Puerto Rico, and is usually golfing on his private course at government expense, vs. using free golf courses at military bases.  Despite failing to release his tax returns, he signed off on a tax package giving huge breaks to the rich – and adding over a trillion and a half dollars to the deficit.  

DISCLAIMER: CMKING and it’s contributors provide this as information ONLY. It is not an endorsement or repudiation of Mr. Trump and his Qualifications.