Assisting the Refugees

While the world recoils in sadness and horror, Assisting the Refugees, mostly from Syria, is a noble mission.  Their home is being bombed, and they are escaping both the Assad regime and ISIS.

refugee 1

There are many well-established charity organizations helping the thousands of migrants flooding into Europe, most of whom are fleeing violence in Syria and Afghanistan or the brutal oppression of Eritrea’s dictatorship. The big charity groups are well-known: UNHCR, UnicefMédecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders, Oxfam, the International Red Cross and Save the Children.  More are listed here:

I urge you to be compassionate and considerate when you see what these people are going through.

Here in America, we also  have issues; Wildfires and Droughts, and Flooding in South Carolina.  The lead organization is the American Red Cross.

refugee 2

refugee 3

We are all just one disaster away from what these people are living.

Do what you can to help your fellow man.