The End of Circus Dreams?

Running away to join the circus is a well worked fantasy in american literature.

One of the books in my library is Is it too late to run off and join the Circus?

Despite being a self help book, and a guide to your “next” career, there is always something comforting to the “Big Child” in me, that feels the circus is always looking for a new kid to sign up and enjoy the Circus life.
With the recent closing of Ringling Bros. Circus, many of us waxed poetic about the circus, the animals, and shared circus stories. However, the circus is not yet dead! Even Ringling remains as the State Museum of Florida and will continue to be part of the fabric of America. Other circuses will continue to perform; As noted in this article from PBS “Eight small circuses that rival the biggest big tops“.
While we are saying farewell to Ringling, the circus still lives on.