Small Business Scanners

When you deal with paper, having a scanner handy is a must.  Here are some Duplex (two-sided) scanners that work really well.  They handle everything from correspondence and records to Photos, and are much faster than the scanner on an “all-in-one” printer.  They are supplied with Drivers and Software, so you have a solution that can work “out of the box”, however – If you need to do more than scan and archive these documents, you will need a database to mange them.  Make sure you have enough disk storage!


Heavy Duty Duplex Scanners for Small Business

These are some Workhorses when you have to clean out the file room, or archive entire projects.  Just remember to calculate the disk space you need, or put it in the Cloud, so storage is not an issue.  Don’t forget to save the destruction dates as well, so that you can free up the space when the information is no longer needed.



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